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Premium Finish Care

Wholesale Detailing Supplies

Premium Finish Care is a manufacturing distributor of vehicle, motorcycle and marine detailing products that restore, clean, polish, protect and maintain all surfaces. We are proud to offer car care tips including car washing tips, how to polish the interior of your car, how to buff your car and more. You will find we offer the highest quality and environmentally friendly auto care accessories including eco friendly rim cleaners and waterless car wash options for a natural shine.

Many of our Brands are Boosted by Polycharger®Boosted by Polycharger, the strongest detailing chemical additive, which provides surface protection that lasts a season! This applies to motorcycle cleaner, mobile auto detailing products, and provides the best car clear paint protection offered in the industry. Porter cable polisher, microfiber towels, and other auto accessories essential to the auto detailing process are available as well.


Experience The Difference

The Lab Zone

20 years experience in proven formulation, delivery and long term relationships with our existing partners
420+ unique formulations to date

Boosted by Polycharger, the world's most powerful detailing chemical additive

Polycharger is a chemically formulated, professional strength additive for consumer grade and boutique brands of liquid or paste waxes and/or sealants, interior leather or vinyl protectants, tire and trim protectants, quick detailers or spray waxes, with many more applications.

We are eco friendly

Our products are Green Eco-Friendly offering rinse-free waterless wash eco friendly cleaners, waxes, VOC compliant polishes and compounds, sealants, and more for nearly any automotive, marine, motorcycle, aerospace, and or furniture surface.

Our car care products are VOC compliant

Our products are VOC Compliant

Made in the USA

Made in USA, shipped worldwide


New and Improved Products for Spring

NEW Ultima Polycharger® fueled products: Ultima Paint Guard Plus Bundle, 12oz  &  4oz, and Cycle Armor Cycle Guard Plus by Ultima have been enhanced and improved by our formulator to be even more durable and long lasting. These products take very little time to apply and provide a season's worth of protection. It is spring time, protect your vehicles and motorcycles for the entire season!

Sonus Final Polish

The NEW & IMPROVED Sonus Final Finish Polish (SFX-3) is in the store ready for your customers! Updated in response to the automotive industry changing it's clear-coat compositions, this IMPROVED polish works on both new and old clear coats, bringing out the gloss, and offers a "show car" finish. It is the best car paint clear coat formulation available. Stock your shelves impress your customers.

Sonus Ion Paint Coating Bundle

Sonus ION Paint Coat Bundle - 8 oz. Boosted by Polycharger®, Sonus ION Paint Coating chemically creates a positive ION charge to paint, offering long lasting protection against the harsh environmental elements. The formula gives you a deep, wet-looking, high-gloss natural shine, plus it works well on wheels and chrome! Why wouldn't you want your shine to last a season!


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