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ULTIMA: What is the Value of Using Quality Car Care Products?

Ultima Paint Guard Plus+The cost of automotive appearance care keeps going up, or does it? Let's do a little car wax comparison! What is a bottle or jar of car wax really worth? What is the true cost of car wax, that is, the cost per application?   Let's explore these questions. As the cost of new vehicles continues to increase, so does the potential cost of automotive appearance care.  

Car manufactures consistently put more money into paint appearance than any other single system.   That's because most buyers put more emphasis on how the car looks than any other single factor. As paint technology improves, paint correction (car polish) and protection (car wax) products also improve.  

Car care companies invest millions of dollars each year in the research and development of new products that make your new or old car easier to maintain. Higher quality often means fewer applications, which saves you money. Many of the products on the market are hype and don't live up to their claims, but a few do. Here's one that passes a car wax review with flying colors!

Ultima Paint Guard Plus+ is the first wipe-on, walk away paint sealant technology that's durable enough to withstand multiple washings with harsh household detergents like Dawn dishwashing liquid.    It's so easy to use you can apply a coating to your whole car or truck in less than 10 minutes.  A single bottle will treat even the largest truck or SUV 25 times. 


You now have a better, more cost-effective way to care for your car's appearance.  Ultima Finish Care offers the first complete line of wipe-on, walk away protection.   That means there's no heavy rubbing to apply the product, and absolutely no second step to buff off the product.   Simply wipe the product on, and you're finished!

Ultima offers protective sealants that cover all of the surfaces of your car:




Ultima ProductsCompared to other car paint sealants: Ultima products are clear and contain no fillers. On average, Ultima products have 15 to 20 times the concentration of polymers (the active protective ingredient) of a cream or paste product to better protect your vehicle. You do the math: to buy the same amount of regular product protection you would spend $450 or more. Plus, Ultima is a green product.  

With nothing to wipe away, nothing is washed out of your towels and flushed down the sewer.

The true beauty of Ultima sealant protection is what it saves you.   Because the products are so easy to apply and so long-lasting, Ultima saves you time.  Isn't time the most valuable thing of all? The typical application time for Ultima Paint Guard Plus+ (once the paint is clean and dry) is less than ten minutes. 

You simply wipe it on with the applicator provided and walk away. With Ultima Paint Guard Plus, there is no heavy rubbing and buffing.  It's an easy wipe-on process.  The product dries to the touch in less than an hour.


We back our claims with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't absolutely love our products, simply return the product and we will cheerfully refund 100% of the product purchase price.

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