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Ultima: "Clearly Different"! What makes it so?

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Ultima Clearly Different

Many detailing products are quite similar. I'm sure you know what I mean. You're looking for something better so you buy another sealant, trim, interior, car shampoo, or waterless wash product. When you see the words "Clearly Different" on a bottle of an Ultima product you might wonder, "How is it clearly different?"

Well, if you have used any Ultima products you already know that the results alone are “clearly different” but we will get back to that in a bit. First we will get into some details that you've probably never heard of that explain what’s going on behind the scenes of this amazing car care series. After that you can view a few examples of what is special about the function and results of each product in particular.

Companies proclaim that they are "Eco Friendly" or use "Nano-technology" or some other special claim, right? This is for good reason with most of them. If they are putting in the effort they should mention to consumers what they are selling. Well, Ultima rarely made these claims in the past. Maybe that's because they have been so focused on engineering incredible products they don't have time for the chatter. 

I had a chance to meet and greet the formulator of Ultima, Rick Vaal. We began discussing a few things, some of which I'll share. 

Interior GuardAs we talked I asked about the Eco-Friendly label that had been added. Rick explained to me that Premium Finish Care uses V.O.C. FREE SYNTHETIC petroleum distillates which are SAFE for all surfaces. I asked him, "How is that different with regard to the environment?” to which he explained a few things and also told me a very interesting story.

During the time of the BP oil spill in the gulf, Ultima came into somewhat of a problem. In an effort to dissolve oil and follow EPA regulations the crews were using the very same synthetic distillate that Ultima uses! This in turn meant it was suddenly in short supply and near impossible to obtain.

However, there’s a lot more to the eco-friendly nature of Ultima beyond the fact they don't use VOC petroleum distillates, fragrances, fillers, and other nonsense. Their sealants are wipe on and walk away, so obviously nothing is wasted or wiped off and then washed into the ground water. Furthermore Ultima Tire and Trim Guard doesn't run onto the ground when it rains and contaminate the ground water. Obviously the fact the products last for many months is in itself another benefit to not only us but also the environment.

"The Ultima Finish Care product line is the first to use highly advanced nanotechnology to coat and protect all surfaces of your vehicle."

I looked into nanotechnology and realized that it is a word that covers everything that is created and manipulated at the molecular and even atomic level. By creating and using nanopolymers, Rick and the guys at Ultima are creating molecular meshes that are so infinitely small that they serve as impossibly hard and rigid barriers between a car's surfaces and the environment. WOW! That explains why they work so well.

When I asked Rick how durable the nano-meshes were, he told me that, in a nutshell, it takes a lot of effort and desire to destroy them. Simple water and soap wont even degrade the barrier!
It turns out the Ultima Series has been using nanotechnology since 2007!

Low Environmental Impact:
Paint GuardEvery time you wax a vehicle, you remove most of the wax and other surface care contaminants from your car. The chemicals you remove are added to the environment. The following components of traditional Liquid Sealer or Wax can cause harm to both a vehicle's surface as well as the environment: Dyes & Fragrances, Water, Strong V.O.C. petroleum distillates, Emulsifiers to blend petroleum distillates and water, Powders, Silicone and Wax. Ultima Paint Guard Plus does not contain these "traditional" components. Because it doesnt, it has very little environmental impact and protects your car for a season. (to see image on the right Click Here)

Ultima Stays on the Vehicle.
Tire GelFrom my conversations with Rick, it was made clear to me that when a person uses Ultima products, they are cleaning their vehicles and not adding to the environment. Another example was found in discussing "sling". When most tire and trim dressings are placed on a tire, the momentum of the wheels can result in materials which stick to the products slinging onto the car's paint surfaces, dirtying the car and leaving a mess to clean. Because Ultima Tire and Trim Guard does not use components that stay wet and/or attract dirt and dust, there is little to no sling! (to see image on left click here).

The same idea applies to Ultima interior surface protection. Typical interior guard products can be oily and collect and attract dirt and dust that lead to a grimy appearing interior. Ultima Interior Guard Plus, like other products in the Ultima Series, drys and protects surfaces. You do not have a long drying period or oils that remain behind after application. Plus, with Ultima Interior Guard Plus, you can expect protection to last for a season.

Some of the Ultima products appear pricey when looked at on a per ounce basis. But take a closer look and you'll find that they are actually less expensive than most others per application. If it takes less than a 1/4 oz of Ultima but an ounce of a competing product then the competing product would have to be 4x cheaper per ounce in order to compete with the cost. That is before you even factor in the durability of a product like Ultima Tire and Trim Guard which lasts much longer than almost any other trim product. It certainly lasts much longer than any product that is cheaper per oz. (see table below)




The reason it takes so much less of an Ultima “wipe on, walk away” product is because they are not watered down. So in a bottle of Ultima Sealant you have far more of the active ingredient than you do in a traditional product that is most certainly watered down and has fragrances and all manner of other non-functional ingredients. An application of Ultima Paint Guard Plus  for instance leaves every bit (100%) of the Polycharger® polymer on the paint for the entire season, leaving paint protected.

If you ever poured a sample of any of the three Ultima sealants for someone you would see they are all clear and have no color to them. Ultima doesn't waste any room in the bottle with die, water, emulsifiers, powders, or silicone. They are indeed "Clearly Different".

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