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About Us

Located in Bradenton, Florida, we are the proud manufacturer of over 400+ detailing, surface and finish care products since 1985. Boosted by Polycharger™, our brands are proven to provide long term protection.  It's not just about maintaining the resale value of vehicles, boats, yachts, airplanes, or motorcycles.  It's about enjoying the difference!!!  Our products are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. so if you are unsatisfied, we will give you your money back.

Premium Finish Care and Lab Zone Formulations manufacture, formulate, package and ship surface care products for vehicle, marine, cycle, home, airplane owners and enthusiasts around the globe. Surfaces include paint, gel coat, glass, cloth, leather, tire (rubber) & trim (vinyls & plastics), wheels (metals, aluminum, chrome) and many more. Learn more about our Private Label services.

Clearly Different Products

  • Eco-Friendly  
  • VOC Complaint  
  • Longer lasting surface protection  
  • Proven retail, professional and OEM detailing surface and finish care brands   
  • Direct from manufacturer pricing  
  • 100% money back guarantee on every product we offer


Clearly Different Opportunity

  • Brands unique to vehicle, motorcycle and marine marketplaces  
  • Develop private label
  • Purchase in bulk by case, gallon or drums
  • Drop Ship directly to customers  
  • Access to banners, logos and other promotional materials

100% made in the USA!

Vehicle Brands

Premium Finish Care Brands

Ultima Consumer Retail Series Wipe-on, Walk-Away Protection™

Sonus Consumer Retail Series by Car Enthusiasts for Car Enthusiasts

Sonus Consumer Retail Series By Car Enthusiast for Car Enthusiasts

Four Star Professional and OEM Vehicle Series Car Care Premium Finish Products

Four Star Professional & OEM Vehicle Series

Four Star Ultimate Vehicle Series Products for Care Care

Four Star Ultimate Vehicle Series

Marine Series

Gel Coat Labs Consumer Series by Boat Enthusiast for Boat Enthusiasts

Gel Coat Labs Consumer Series, By Boat Enthusiast for Boat Enthusiasts

Four Star OEM Marine Series

Four Star OEM Marine Series


Cycle Armor by Ultima

Cycle Armor by Ultima, Wipe On Walk Away Protection