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Four Star Vehicle Pro and OEM Auto Wash Shampoo, 32oz

  • High foaming action
  • Will not strip wax
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Product Details

Safely remove embedded grime, scum and residue without removing wax or sealant!

Four Star Product Auto Wash Shampoo is a synthetic detergent formula specifically designed for cleaning and washing. It has the power to remove embedded grime, scum and residue from your vehicle's surfaces without removing the protection provided by wax. Auto Wash Shampoo is just as effective in hard water conditions and even reduces water spotting. Use with a high quality wash mitt, such as a Genuine Wool Wash Mitt. Be sure to rinse mitt often to keep free of contaminants. Placing a Grit Guard in the bottom of your wash bucket will also prevent debris and contaminants already removed from the surface from being reintroduced to paint surfaces.


Key Benefits

  • High foaming action removes dirt & grime  
  • Works in hard water & reduces water spotting  
  • Will not strip wax
  • Designed for paint shop environment 



  • Rinse vehicle with fresh water to remove any loose dirt. 
  • Dispense Auto Wash Shampoo into a clean bucket.  Use 1/2 ounce of wash per gallon of water used.
  • Spray a heavy jet of water to activate foam.  
  • Starting at the highest point first, wash surface section by section using a soft brush or wash mitt.
  • Rinse frequently with clean water to help eliminate water spotting.  

Note: Will not strip wax. Meets VOC regulations in all states.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Clear coated surfaces   
  • Painted surfaces
  • Metal surfaces
  • Vinyl surfaces
  • Glass surfaces


 Four Star Products Auto Wash Shampoo, 32 oz.

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