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Four Star Vehicle Pro and OEM Leather Protectant Gel, 32oz

  • Maintains natural leather suppleness
  • Restores that rich leather fragrance
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Product Details

Protect your leather surfaces with Four Star Products boosted by Polychargerᆴ; and prevent damage from UV rays and maintain natural suppleness!

Four Star Products Leather Protectant Gel is a pH balanced formula boosted by Polychargerᆴ; to provide safe and durable protection.  UV rays and regular cleaning can dry out leather surfaces and strip the natural oils. Leather Protectant Gel maintains the natural suppleness and restores a rich leather fragrance while leaving a non-greasy, satin finish! For best results, use following Four Star Products Leather Cleaner Gel.


Key Benefits

  • Maintains natural leather suppleness  
  • Restores that rich leather fragrance  
  • Leaves a non-greasy satin finish
  • Solvent free pH 7 formula 
  • Boosted by Polychargerᆴ; 



  • Shake Leather Protectant Gel well before use. 
  • Apply product on a clean, dry terry cloth or a microfiber applicator.
  • Massage into the leather surface in a circular motion.  
  • Buff dry with a separate cloth.
  • For ultimate protection, monthly usage is recommended.  

Note: Do not use on suede.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Fine leather surfaces     
  • Leather interior surfaces


 Four Star Products Leather Protectant Gel, 32 oz.

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