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Four Star Vehicle Pro and OEM Machine Glaze & Polish, 16oz

  • Removes minor scratches

  • Easy wipe-off

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Product Details

Remove minor scratches and produce a wet looking shine with Four Star Products Machine Glaze & Polish!

Four Star Products Machine Glaze & Polish works with your machine polisher to provide outstanding depth, clarity, and gloss on paint and clear coat finishes. Use as a final step in polishing or to remove very minor imperfections. Once surface has been renewed, seal in that shine with Four Star Products Polymer Paint Sealant for months of protection from environmental contaminants. To maintain the fresh look, use Four Star Products Spray Wax Plus between washes to remove light dust, fingerprints and more!


Key Benefits

  • Produces a wet look shine  
  • Quickly removes minor scratches  
  • Easy wipe-off
  • Contains no wax or silicone 



  • Shake well before using. 
  • Make sure surface is dry, clean, and free of contaminates.
  • Optimum performance is achieved by using either a rotary or dual action air or electric polisher equipped with a clean, dry wool or foam pad such as Four Star Products Challenger Wool Pad or Achiever Foam Pad.  
  • Apply a small amount of Machine Glaze & Polish to the surface or pad. 
  • Spread product before starting machine to eliminate product sling. 
  • Start machine (1200-1700 RPM for rotary polishers & 5000-6000 OPM for dual action) using medium pressure while working in a 2' by 2' area.
  • Move machine slowly back and forth keeping pad flat to surface at all times.
  • Reduce pressure as product begins to dry. 
  • Wipe away residue with a clean microfiber towel.  

Note: Avoid contact with rubber or plastic moldings. Meets VOC regulations in all states.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Clear coated surfaces   
  • Painted surfaces


 Four Star Products Machine Glaze & Polish, 16 oz.

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