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Four Star Vehicle Pro and OEM Rubber and Vinyl Protectant, 32oz

  • Contains no petroleum distillate

  • Leaves a non-greasy finish
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Product Details

Keep rubber and vinyl surfaces beautiful and soft while adding UV protection that defends against fading and cracking!

Four Star Products Rubber & Vinyl Protectant keeps rubber, vinyl, plastic and leather  surfaces soft and pliable by nourishing and protecting these surfaces. The superior UV protection in this formula prevents fading and cracking increasing the longevity of your surfaces. There is no greasy finish left behind by Rubber & Vinyl Protectant which makes it a great engine and tire dressing, and it does not contain petroleum distillate which can dry and damage surfaces over time. Ensure surfaces are clean prior to application of Rubber & Vinyl Protectant.  Use Four Star Multi-Purpose Cleaner or Leather Cleaning Gel to safely clean surfaces. Heavily soiled areas may require agitation. Use a brush that is appropriate for the surface.


Key Benefits

  • Works on vinyl, leather, plastic & rubber surfaces  
  • Contains no petroleum distillate  
  • Leaves a non-greasy finish
  • Makes a great engine & tire dressing
  • Provides extreme UV protection 



  • Surfaces should be clean & dry. 
  • Spray Four Star Products Rubber & Vinyl Protectant on a clean, dry cloth and apply to surface or spray directly onto larger surfaces.
  • Disperse product evenly on the surface.  
  • Allow to penetrate for a few minutes and then wipe off any excess.  

Note: Contains no petroleum distillate. Meets VOC regulations in all states.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Rubber surfaces   
  • Vinyl surfaces
  • Leather surfaces
  • Plastic surfaces


 Four Star Products Rubber & Vinyl Protectant, 32 oz. 

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