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Sonus Paint Sealant (SFX-4)

Sonus Paint Sealant (SFX-4), 8oz

  • Protects from road salts
  • Protects from oxidation
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Product Details

Boosted by Polycharger®, Sonus Paint Sealant  offers protection against the harsh environmental elements. This easy-to-use formula gives you a deep, wet-looking, high gloss shine, plus months of serious protection!

Sonus Paint Sealant is boosted by Polycharger® to ensure long lasting protection from road salts, detergents, and oxidation. This easy to use durable formula delivers a deep, wet-looking high-gloss shine while providing months of protection!


Key Benefits

  • Boosted by Polycharger® for superior protection  
  • Easy-to-use formula  
  • Produces high gloss shine
  • Protects paint from road salts, detergents and oxidation 



  • For neglected or oxidized surfaces, first use the appropriate Sonus SFX Polish depending on the severity of the paint damage. 
  • Shake well before use.
  • Make sure the surface is cool, clean and dry.  
  • Apply 2 dime size amounts to a clean dry foam applicator and rub thoroughly onto the surface. 
  • Product must be spread thin and allowed 15 minutes or more to dry, enabling proper bonding to occur. 
  • Using a dry microfiber towel, buff until residue is gone.
  • For an even deeper, wetter-looking shine, additional layers may be applied after 6 hours. 
  • May also be applied using a dual-action polisher equipped with a soft foam pad.
  • Avoid contact with plastic, vinyl, and rubber as staining may occur.
  • If contact occurs, remove immediately using a damp microfiber towel.  

Note: Before locking in long lasting protection, use Sonus Restore Polish SFX-1 to remove heavy swirl marks, scratches, and severe oxidation. Use Sonus Enhance Swirl Remover SFX-2 to remove fine swirl marks, scratches, or light oxidation followed by Sonus Final Finish Polish SFX-3 for a crystal clear finish that is ready to seal.

Recommended Surfaces

  • New paint surfaces   
  • Like-new painted surfaces
  • Rejuvenated painted surfaces
  • Dark colors, metallics, and clear coats


 Sonus Paint Sealant SFX-4, 8 oz.

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